Products Offered by Us

Our company is indulged in offering different size of Separation Equipments. These products are listed below:

  • Tubular Bowl Centrifuge Machines
  • Self Cleaning Operated Filters
  • Industrial Moisture Separators etc.

How Separating Equipments Works?

The Separating equipment we offer, like Tubular Bowl Centrifuge Machines are designed with bowl, motor and drives that are manufactured with latest technologies and methods. The mixture enters at the base of the machine, that is into a cylindrical rotating part, that generates centrifugal force. This exceeding force separates the mixtures into two individuals. Liquids like oil and water separates into cylindrical layers whereas, in solid particle and liquid separation, the solids are transferred into the rotating bowl. The centrifuge shuts down when its loaded with limiting solid particles. In the end, the rotating bowl is detached from the machines for further cleaning.

Quality Policy

Quality play a major role in ascertaining the functioning of Centrifugal Moisture Separators and Industrial Moisture Separators. To conduct a reliable a quality checking process we have hired an expert quality controlling team, who possess years of experience in this field. The quality analysts test the fabrications on various grounds like dimension, rotating velocity, assemblage of parts, durability of the product etc. After examining the aforesaid factors, the products are further sent for packaging.

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